Research fund for the implementation of coordinated programmes


One central aim of Goethe-University is the development of research priorities, both in the faculties as well as at interdisciplinary level – realized through outstanding joint research projects with third party funding. The Research fund “Implementation of coordinated programmes” supports researchers as well as initiatives from Goethe-University at all stages of the application procedure for coordinated programmes. The research fund complements the internal funding programmes like the RMU-innovative funds and the programme “Junior Researchers in Focus”.

Scope and type of funding:

If Goethe-University is the coordinator of a project, up to 5.000 € can be granted for the preparation of programme-oriented joint research projects. The grant is meant for projects of the German Research Foundation (DFG), Federal programmes (especially the Federal Ministry of Education and Research), state programmes as well as other Foundations.

Fundable are travel expenses for administrative meetings and material costs (includes funding of supporting staff, editorial reports and costs for translation).

Initiatives that already receive funding from the RMU-innovative funds or the focus programme will not receive further funding.

Application Procedure:

The application is an informal project outline (maximum three pages) and contains the following details: Planned project title, designated Speaker, funding institution, application volume and submission deadline. In addition, information is mandatory whether the initiative receives other internal funding from Goethe-University (RMU-innovative fund, focus programme) or not.

Applications may be submitted at any time.

A member of the University’s Executive Board responsible for the respective subject area will decide about the submitted applications.

Further details:

If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Sabine Monz, Research Service Center, phone 798-17403, Email:

In case a proposal is not submitted, the university can reclaim the funding from the applicant.

Please submit your proposal to Dr. Sabine Monz,

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