Goethe University’s internal rules for EU-projects

Goethe University or University Hospital Frankfurt?

Application for EU-funded projects can only be submitted via one institution to the European Commission. Both the University (including the faculty for medicine) and the University Hospital Frankfurt are legally distinct institutions.

Both institutions have various different guidelines which need to be considered for the decision towards the right institution for your project. The EU support officers of Goethe University, Kristina Wege and Vanessa Fink, can help you with this decision.

Authority to sign:

EU-projects are always submitted via an institution (Goethe University) and have to be signed by the central administration of the university.

  • For all contracts and contract changes the EU support officers Kristina Wege and Vanessa Fink are authorized to sign (in the Participant Portal: Project Legal Signatory – PLSIGN)
  • Financial reports (Form Cs) are signed by the team for third-party funding (in the Participant Portal: Project Financial Signatory – PFSIGN)
  • Contracts of employment are signed by the HR department
  • Timesheets are signed by the project employee and the project leader


Distribution of the category „Management and Overhead“ in Marie Sklodowska-Curie-projects in Horizon Europe:

Goethe University considers 50 % of the budget category “Management and Overhead” as Overheads. . These Overheads will be distributed between central university, faculties and project leader according to the ususal rules at Goethe University. The other 50% of the category can be used by the project leader for management activities within the project.

Please note that many coordinators in “Innovative Training Networks (ITN)” save a part of the management budget of all partners for a central managing position at the coordinator. In ITN-projects, which are coordinated by Goethe University, it is suggested to retain 50% of the budget for “Management and Overhead” of all partners to the benefit of Goethe University’s coordinating role.