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Final thesis 
Final exam
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File names

When you are required to upload or hand in electronic files please respect a few basic rules in naming your files. This will help your teachers and tutors to sort, file, safe und retrieve any submitted files more easily. Download here electronic files names.

Final thesis

You can write your final thesis with Prof. Hofmeister in the specialty of sociology of work, when you are following a BA, Master, Magister or Diploma sociology study course.
Candidates are expected to have already developed basic ideas about a topic / research question. Please use the appropriate application form which you can download from our site teaching/exams: application final thesis.

Office hours

If you wish to speak to Prof. Hofmeister in her office hours please write to Ms. Anlauft for an appointment.
Please explain why you wish to see Prof. Hofmeister, what the issue of your request is and how urgent it is. If you only need a signature from her, you can hand in the form in question to Ms Breuer-Glasner who will then take care of it.
If you wish to see someone else in our team, please look on their websites for information about there office hours.

Registration for classes

Registration for classes via the QIS-LSF-system is always required.
If the class you are attending does not supply the possibility of registration via QIS-LSF, or if you have joined the class after the end of the registration period, you are required to fill in a late-registry form for each class in our specialty. This registration is necessary so that we can certify your regular attendance and / or succesfull exams at the end of the semester. Download the form here:
late registry.pdf

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