Collaborative Research Centres and Related Master's Programmes

SFB 815: Redox-Regulation: Generatorsystems and functional consequences
Coordinator: Brüne, Bernhard

SFB 834: Endothelial signalling and vascular repair
Coordinator: Fleming, Ingrid

SFB 902: Molecular principles of RNA-based regulation
Coordinator: Schwalbe, Harald

SFB 1039: Signalling by fatty acid derivatives and sphingolipids in health and disease
Coordinator: Pfeilschifter, Josef M.

SFB 1080: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural homeostasis
Coordinator: Acker-Palmer, Amparo

SFB 1095: Ressourcenregime und Schwächediskurse
Coordinator: Leppin, Hartmut

SFB 1177: Molecular and Functional Characterization of Selective Autophagy
Coordinator: Genau, Heide

  SFB 1193: Neurobiology of Resilience to Stress-Related Mental Dysfunction:
From Understanding  Mechanisms to Promoting Prevention
Coordinator: Fiebach, Christian

  SFB 1319: Neurobiology of Resilience to Stress-Related Mental Dysfunction:
Extreme light for sensing an driving molecular chirality
Coordinator: Dörner, Reinhard

TR 23: Vascular differentiation and remodeling
Coordinator: Plate, Karl-Heinz

TR 49: Condensed matter systems with variable many-body interactions
Coordinator: Lang, Michael

 TR 211: Strong-Interaction Matter under Extreme Conditions
Coordinator: van Hees, Hendrik