SFB 1095

Dear prospective candidate for our Master scholarships.

Before you take a closer look at the website of the research centre, we would like to give you some basic information about it.   

Here is a short profile for your convenience:  
The Collaborative Research Center “Discourses of Weakness and Resource Regimes“ approaches the problem of transformation concerning the use of resources by examining how discourses of weakness influence the use of resources. We thereby highlight a specific aspect of historical change. Our central thesis is that discourses of weakness have initiating and mobilizing functions for different historical formations. The discourses prompt formations to investigate into how resources are used and which resources are not sufficiently available in order to reach the formation's goals.

If you could imagine collaborating with and becoming part of this research group during your Master Program at Goethe University and apply for the Master scholarship, click here for more detailed information:  website.

If you contact the research group please write “Goethe Goes Global - Master scholarships” in the reference line of your e-mail.

Contact (ONLY for specific questions regarding the research unit):

Prof. Dr. Iwo Amelung, Amelung@em.uni-frankfurt.de