SFB 1080

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Collaborative Research Center 1080 “Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Neural Homeostasis” Speaker/Vice-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Robert Nitsch (Mainz)/ Prof. Dr. Amparo Acker-Palmer (Frankfurt) Aims: “Understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the ability of the nervous system to maintain a stable state” By unraveling these mechanisms, the CRC provides a new foundation for research into regeneration, which must take into account both, the attempt of neural tissue to regain its equilibrium in reaction to an insult as well as the failure of such stabilizing mechanisms in progressive disorders. This new understanding of the impact of homeostatic mechanisms will provide a solid basis for novel therapeutic strategies that specifically address the nervous system’s peculiar tendency towards a stable state.

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Contact (ONLY for specific questions regarding the research unit):'

Prof. Dr. Amparo Acker-Palmer, Acker-Palmer@bio.uni-frankfurt.de
Dr. Gabi Lahner (coordinator INS master), Lahner@em.uni-frankfurt.de
Dr. Ulrike Kaufmann-Reiche (coordinator Physical Biology of Cells and Cell Interactions master), Kaufmann-Reiche@bio.uni-frankfurt.de