SFB 815

Dear prospective candidate for our Master scholarships.

Before you take a closer look at the website of the research centre, we would like to give you some basic information about it.

Here is a short profile for your convenience:
The Collaborative Research Center (Sonderforschungsbereich) 815 (SFB 815) examines redox regulated processes associated with the availability of oxygen, ROS (reactive oxygen species), NO (nitric oxide), H2S (hydrogen sulfide), while bridging from generating systems to functional consequences. Besides formation of redox-active signals, we also investigate physiological and pathophysiological consequences at the cellular and systemic level. In past, redox signaling has often been studied under pathological conditions like oxidative stress. It is a new concept to recognize redox-regulation as a universal element of cellular signaling. It can be seen as a fundamental control mechanism like phosphorylation/ dephosphorylation in regulating and coordinating cellular functions.

If you could imagine collaborating with and becoming part of this research group during your Master Program at Goethe University and apply for the Master scholarship, click here for more detailed information: website.

If you contact the research group please write “Goethe Goes Global - Master scholarships” in the reference line of your e-mail.

Contact (ONLY for specific questions regarding the research unit):

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming, Spokesperson SFB 834, fleming@vrc.uni-frankfurt.de  
Dr. Claudia Koch, Coordination SFB 834, koch@vrc.uni.frankfurt.de