Elective in Politics and Economics and General Studies

Studies in this elective comprise subject-related elements (in the fields of Political Science and Sociology) and subject didactics:

  • For the subject-related part, courses are offered in the framework of modules which at the same time also apply for the modules in the B.A. and M.A. degree programmes in Sociology or Political Science. In this respect, the subject-related studies in the “Politics and Economics” elective are fully integrated in the Faculty’s other degree programmes. Students of the “Politics and Economics” elective are therefore invited to take part as major-subject students in all research interests at the Faculty, i.e. beyond their compulsory courses.
  • Subject didactics are taught in two compulsory modules, one of which is completed in the Foundation Programme and the other in the Advanced Programme.

All module descriptions can be found on the website of the Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Training (in German).

Programme content

The first part of the programme is the same for all teaching degrees and starts with:

  • A subject-related introduction (preparatory module)
  • A two-semester course in the fundamentals of subject didactics
  • The foundation module on “Political systems, actors, and processes”

There is an additional foundation module on “The Economic Principles of the World of Work” for the L3 teaching degree programme. In the Advanced Programme, the compulsory “Advanced Subject Didactics” module is mandatory for the L2, L3 and L5 programmes. For the L3 programme, there are additionally the compulsory “Advanced International Relations” and “Economic and Social Policy” modules, whilst in the framework of the L2 and L5 programmes students must select a further module from the range of different modules offered.

The standard period of study is 4 academic years (8 semesters) for degrees which entitle graduates to teach at grammar or special needs schools and 3 academic years (6 semesters) for degrees for secondary school teaching excluding grammar schools (L2). Due to their modular structure, admission to the programmes is in the winter semester only.

The programme ends with the First State Examination in Teaching. In the elective it takes place in the shape of a 60-minute oral examination (subject-related and subject didactics components with two suitably qualified examiners). Students must sit a written examination either in the “Politics and Economics” elective or their other elective. They may also write their term paper in the framework of the “Politics and Economics” elective.

The compulsory “Work Placement” module can be completed in the “Politics and Economics” elective and is supervised by the chair for “Political Education” at the Institute of Political Science (Institute II). Registration is through the School Placements Office (Büro für Schulpraktische Studien, German). The Political Science Preparatory Course runs in the winter semester only.