Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (major subject)

Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Sociology is the science of social action. Social action is mostly geared to norms, but deviations also occur. The result is conflicts which can spawn new norms. The entire cosmos of human interaction, such as being for, with and against each other, flirts and chats, friendships and enmities, couples, families, associations, networks, enterprises, markets, political parties, states, religions, international organizations, societies, etc., arises through social action.

Sociology investigates such and other phenomena in their process of permanent change and their widely varying interdependencies. To this purpose, it formulates theories to store its knowledge and develops methods to arrive at valid findings about the social cosmos. In this programme, you will learn all the theoretical and methodical principles you require to be able to conduct academic work and apply in practice your knowledge of sociology.

The Institute of Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt is one of the largest of its kind in Germany. Over 20 professors and their teams are engaged here in teaching and research. The result is not just broad and solid instruction in the fundamentals of sociology, but also a diversified and exciting curriculum of highly explosive current day topics. Why do women earn less than men? Why do less and less citizens go to the polls?  How can we bring about immigrants’ integration? How does precarious employment change the working world? Are states at the mercy of the global financial markets? What impact does climate change have on societies? What actually goes on in these social networks? And much more besides…

Close cooperation with the following institutions further fosters teaching and research in the Institute of Sociology:

At a glance

Programme duration: 6 semesters (3 academic years)
Programme start:  Winter semester only
Restricted admission:    Yes, minimum entry requirements in past semesters
Sociology - Major subject: 120 credit points (CPs)
Minor subject: Yes, one with 60 CPs
(elective minor subjects)
Number of modules (main subject): 9 compulsory modules, 3 compulsory elective modules
Type of module examinations: Coursework
Written test
Written composition (e.g. essay, written presentation, exposé)
Oral examination
Language(s) of instruction:  German, English