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The DFG emphasises the importance of a successful equal opportunities strategy, because considering gender and diversity aspects represents an essential element of high quality research, therefore creating added value. Thus, for example, as part of a DFG priority programme or within a DFG research unit, one could apply for 15,000 Euros annually for promoting equal opportunities, in DFG collaborative research centres even up to 30,000 Euros annually. In LOEWE projects and EU research programmes, attention to gender issues is also expected.

Nowadays, gender and equal opportunity policies have to be included in major research proposals; planning and executing actions to ensure gender equality is part of high quality research management.  One key area of gender consulting in women's representative and the research support office is offering advice for proposers and principal investigators with regard to the integration of gender aspects and equal opportunities in their research projects.

Service offers for proposals:

  • The Gender Consulting service provides current gender statistics and tools on equal opportunity activities at Goethe University and offers consultation on how to develop appropriate actions. A special »tool box« for coordinated programmes is available.
  • In case of inter-university projects, for example CRC/Transregios, it is possible to contact the womens’ representative or equal opportunites offices at other universities, to enable a collaborative status analysis.
  • The gender consulting position supports preparing the presentation of the equal opportunity concept in case of an inspection.

Contact: Dr. Anja Wolde; Annemarie Eifler