Why study for a Master's degree?

A Master’s degree programme – generally a two-year course, both at Goethe University and elsewhere in Germany – enables you to expand and deepen the knowledge you have gained at undergraduate level. A Master’s degree provides in-depth education which will enable you either to enter the professional job market or to continue studying towards the next level of academic degree: a PhD.

To qualify for admission to a Master’s programme at Goethe University, you must have already completed a Bachelor’s degree (or another programme at an equivalent level) in a relevant field, and have passed the selection process of the respective programme.

Please check which Master degree programme you are interested in and whether you meet the application requirements, such as language skills, academic background, etc.

Attention: Please note that certain Master's programmes are embedded in research units. If you apply for a Master's programme you may consider becoming involved in one of the research units (more info in application section).

List of Master's programmes connected to research units (see full list of our Master's programmes here)




SFB 1095, EXC 243

International Studies / Peace and Conflict Studies

EXC 243


SFB 1095, EXC 243

Political Theory

EXC 243


SFB 1095

Social and Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology 

SFB 1095




SFB 1177, SFB 902, EXC 115, LOEWE-Center TMP


SFB 1177, SFB 902, EXC 115, LOEWE-Center TMP


SFB 1177, SFB 902, SFB 1319, EXC 115, Helmholtz-Center HIC for FAIR


SFB 902, EXC 115, LOEWE-Center TMP

Computer Science

SFB 902, EXC 115, Helmholtz-Center HIC for Fair


Helmholtz-Center HIC for Fair

Interdisciplinary Neuroscience

SFB 902, SFB 1080, LOEWE-Center TMP, SFB/TR 23, EXC 115, SFB 1193


Helmholtz-Center HIC for Fair

Molecular Biosciences

SFB 1177, SFB 902, SFB/TR 23, EXC 115, LOEWE-Center TMP

Molecular Biotechnology

SFB 1177, SFB 902, EXC 115

Molecular Medicine

LOEWE-Center TMP, LOEWE-Center CGT, EXC 147, SFB/TR 23, SFB 1039, SFB 902, SFB 834, SFB 815, SFB 1177

Physical Biology of Cells
and Cell Interactions

SFB 1177, SFB 902, SFB 1080, LOEWE-Center TMP, EXC 115


SFB 902, SFB/TR 49, SFB 1319, TR 211EXC 115, Helmholtz Center HIC for Fair


 SFB 1193

Quantitative Economics*


 *Please note that an application for GOETHE GOES GLOBAL in the field of Economics is possible only within the Quantitative Economics/GSEFM programmes.