The research interests of the Primary Education Working Group focus on the following topics:

  • Various aspects of mathematics learning amongst children of pre-school and primary school age. The approach here can be classed as empirical education research, in which the subject-specific and didactical dimension represents a constitutive (key) element.
  • Didactical issues at university level and questions of professionalization, e.g. through eLearning-based reflective portfolio work.
  • The development and testing of innovative, media-based teaching-learning concepts for use in the framework of teaching degrees and the teaching of mathematics in primary schools.

Further information on specific research activities can be found on the websites of the individual Primary Education researchers.

Mathematics Education at Secondary Level focuses more on subject-matter didactics and mainly covers the fields of geometry and stochastics education. Since 2011 we also have a Mathematics Diagnosis and Remedial Workshop.

Prof. Dr. Ludwig concentrates on the teaching of Geometry and especially Spatial Geometry. With regard to methodology, his work focuses on the Project Method in mathematics teaching and Modelling, whereby his passion lies in the relationship between Mathematics and Sport. A further aspect of his research work is the practical use of Web 2.0 technologies in mathematics teaching and the training of mathematics teachers. He has a broad network of international contacts, particularly with China.

Dr. Ullmann has a long standing expertise in Stochastics Education, in particular in Data Literacy. Joining socio-cultural theory and mathematics, he develops new perspectives in mathematics education and tests new concepts to open up teaching. His pet issue is Islamic Mathematics, where a book is in progress.