Please note that most of the syllabus is taught in German.

The Institute of Mathematics offers the following study programmes:

It is also substantially involved in the following teaching degrees:

  • L1 (primary school)
  • L2 (secondary schools, excluding grammar schools)
  • L5 (special needs education)
  • L3 (grammar school)

The Institute is additionally responsible for most of the basic mathematics instruction for students at Goethe University.

Orientation event and preparatory course for new students

In the week prior to the start of the semester there is an orientation event and a preparatory course for our new students to which you are warmly invited. You can find further information here.

Information on options in the Bachelor and Master programmes

The Study Advisors at our Institute are happy to explain which options are possible as areas of specialization in the Bachelor programme and in the major-subject Master programme in Mathematics. In addition, orientation events take place at the beginning of the semester. Further information is available under Study Advice.