Guide to the electronic course catalog (QIS/LSF)

All courses at Goethe University and related information can be found arranged according to department/faculty, degree and field of study in the QIS/LSF information system. QIS-LSF can be used in two languages, to switch between languages click on the flag symbol on the top right corner. If English texts do not exist, then only the German text is shown.

Guide to the electronic course catalog (QIS/LSF):

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Click on the English language flag on the top right corner
  3. Click on „courses“ (top left)
  4. Click on „course overview“
  5. Click on the requested faculty and field of study – the offer of courses depends on the various fields of study/degree courses of the faculty.
  6. All important course information is shown by clicking on the requested course. 
    Please note: All information regarding exam or study achievements do not apply, this only applies to enrolled students. Due to your status as a participant of the „Academic Welcome Program“ – like guest students – you are not entitled to participate in exams.
  7. Click on „responsible instructor“ to find the lecturer whose signature and approval you need for the application. If you click on the name of the responsible instructor, further contact information is shown – this way it is possible for you to easily contact and attain the needed signature. To receive course admission, the participant must receive the approval of the lecturer (see the document “Attendance of University Courses”, which is part of the application of the „Academic Welcome Program“.