Required Application Documents

uni-assist requires certificates of your educational background and information about your previous studies and language skills. Therefore, you must send notarized copies of the following documents in original language as well as translated into German or English along with your application via post to uni-assist by January 15th/August 15th at the latest (date of arrival counts!) and upload them to the uni-assist application portal on their website:

Please send the following documents (if available):

  • Notarized copy of German language certificate (e.g. test certificate), at least level A2. The level A2 has to be completed at the time of application. Please note that placement tests and online tests are not sufficient. A B1 German level is recommended.
  • Notarized copies and official translations of educational background:
    - Higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Attestat, Baccalaureat, High School Diploma, IB- Diploma, Abitur)
    - Further documents that allow you to study in your home country (e.g. pre-university course, higher education entrance examination)
    - If you already studied at a university: Degree or recognition of study periods including transcript of records

  • Copy of official identity card

  • Copy of residence permit

Please check the uni-assist website regularly and read the confirmation email (that you will receive after your first registration) and make sure that you handed in all the required documents and certificates in the right form before the application deadline!