General Information

There are different types of university courses like e.g. lectures, seminars and tutorials. A short summary of various course types can be found here.

Participants of the „Academic Welcome Program“ are entitled to regularly attend requested courses or study offers. An essential requirement though is the signature of the lecturer and the official approval by "Global Affairs, Study and Teaching".

Scheinpflichtige“ courses (mandatory for enrolled students) in the fields of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy cannot be attended.

You are not entitled to take part or pass examinations (pre-, midterm or final), module or other examinations listed in the exam regulations. However, certificates or credentials that are not part of official examinations can be acquired. Please note that such certificates or credentials cannot be acknowledged for regular study programs.

For further content questions or problems regarding the offers of the individual courses, please contact the responsible faculty or dean’s office directly.

How do I contact a lecturer?
In the beginning, it can be difficult contacting a professor, lecturer or other teacher you are unfamiliar with. To receive the required signatures for the document „Attendance of University Courses”, the following suggestions and tips should help you!