Participation Information

The aim of the "Academic Welcome Program for highly qualified refugees" (AWP) organized by Goethe University is to enable highly qualified refugees to attend and participate in study and training courses, to enhance their future prospects by preparing them for their studies and to help them enroll in degree programs.

Participation in the "Academic Welcome Program for highly qualified refugees" enables refugees to further educate themselves in individual areas of knowledge and offers orientation in the academic teaching and learning culture in Germany. The program allows participants to attend university lectures, to participate in German Intensive Courses (B1-C1) and in various propaedeutic courses (starting at level B2.2) and/or the use of university resources such as the library, multimedial language labs and the services of the IT Service Center. In addition, there is an extensive support program for the promotion of integration as well as information and counseling on study and professional opportunities.
Participants in the AWP do explicitly not have a status as a student and thus can not claim the benefits subsidized only for students.

Deadlines for application: Application is possible from mid-November/mid-May until 15th  of January/15th of July (documents must be in Berlin by this date!). Please come to one of our weekly office hours before 21st of December 2016!

Fee: the program is free of charge (except semester ticket for public transportation)

Duration: one to three semesters - depending on the individual learning progress. At the end of the semester an official certificate of participation is given.