Award for Best Doctoral Supervision

The best possible supervision during doctoral studies – this is exactly what GRADE, the central (post)graduate academy of Goethe University, supports.

GRADE wants to encourage dedicated doctoral supervisors in their work, to make their commitment visible and to recognize them for their achievement.

Have you experienced excellent supervision as a doctoral student? Have you received reliable advice with respect to your doctoral studies and your future career path? Have you always felt that you were in good hands and supported with respect to your research?

Then nominate your supervisor!

For the fourth time, GRADE announces the award for the best doctoral supervision at Goethe University.

The prize will be awarded during a ceremony on October 12, 2023.


Who can nominate? Groups with at least three doctoral candidates and/or graduates up to 1 year after their disputations have the right to nominate.
Who is nominated? Professors, lecturers and junior researcher group leaders of Goethe University
How can you nominate?

Send your nomination by July 27, 2023 to GRADE at! This involves filling out a questionnaire and writing up to one page of free text.

You can download the form here.

Who makes the selection? GRADE’s internationally staffed scientific advisory board serves as the selection committee.
How is the selection made? The criteria include supervisory performance, the support of doctoral students with respect to research, support in questions of career planning as well as a particular commitment to promoting junior researchers.

The award money must be specifically used to further support the early career researchers of Goethe University. The recipients must provide GRADE with an account of the use within a time period of two years.