Politics in the European Multilevel System

Eckert 2

Prof. Dr. Sandra Eckert

Twitter: @eckert_san


Sandra Eckert’s teaching engages with several sub-disciplines of political science, namely European studies, comparative politics, comparative public policy, policy analysis and international political economy. It provides for an overview of European integration history and theories, the political process in the European multilevel system and the domestic impact of European politics. Teaching covers formats at an introductory as well as an advanced level with a policy focus (e.g. European economic policy) or a comparative politics focus (e.g. France and Germany).

In her research Sandra studies issues related to European integration, comparative public policy and international political economy. She analyses governance in the European multilevel system in various policy fields in the context of the Single European Market, but also considers wider institutional settings. Her research engages with the role of non-majoritarian institutions and private actors in the regulatory process, raising questions of input and output legitimacy. Sandra is particularly interested in the dynamics and effects of social regulation at national, European and international level. Establishing a link between the rather separate literatures on comparative capitalism and regulation, she has analysed national and European reform processes in the area of public service provision. National, European, international and corporate regulation relating to consumer protection as well as to environmental and social standards is another area of interest.