Final Theses

You intend to write your final thesis with the team of sociology of work?

Possible Topics:

  • Is education work? How is learning and getting educated similar or different to paid work? What ist he societal versus personal benefit of education?
  • The work of maintaining social media profiles and personal branding: is this work?
  • The work of looking after personal health, weight, appearance: what is of personal benefit, societal benefit, what is the line to obsession?
  • Emotion work versus emotional labor: What is the difference, does it matter?
  • The work of political advocacy: societal and sociological relevance
  • Networking as a kind of unpaid work: sociological, personal, societal, and organizational interests
  • Zero-hours contracts (UK): should the time companies require you to reserve for on-call work be paid time? Is it work?
  • Informal helping of friends and neighbors as a kind of work
  • The work of keeping friendships and family relationships alive and active
  • The sociological and societal relevance of keeping family and personal archives
  • The sociological and societal relevance of consumption
  • Paid and unpaid work, division of labor
  • Intergenerational transmission of attitudes and behaviors
  • Life course research questions
  • Gender research in relation to work
  • International and cross-national social policy comparisons
  • Leadership and gender, intergenerational, cohort, sector themes
  • Gender equality policies and comparisons among countries (ADVANCE, ATHENA, etc).
  • Historical developments in behaviors, attitudes, policies
  • Public sector work and policy themes, especially Universities as places of employment
  • Urban structures and their consequences for life course outcomes
  • Topics related to publications I have authored or coauthored or to my teaching themes or my blog topics

Please make sure to follow the procedure described below: 

  • Download the form application final thesis, fill it in and email it to or bring it there in person.
  • Come to the office hours at the time appointed to you by our office manager Ms. Breuer-Glasner. Here you can discuss your topic with Prof. Hofmeister. Please bring your Exposé if you have already written one.
  • Register for Prof. Hofmeister's Kolloquium for exam candidates. 
  • Write an exposé if you have not already done so. 
  • Register your final thesis with your Prüfungsamt when the topic is agreed with Prof. Hofmeister and you are ready to start writing.
  • When you hand in your thesis at the Prüfungsamt please send a digital pdf-Version to or attach a digital version on CD to your thesis.
  • For the procedure for the oral exam please read the information further down on this page.

Please make sure to use the Harvard citation style for your final thesis.

Expectations for the oral exam:

  • Prepare to summarise in five minutes what your project was about: the interest behind the question, the question you addressed, how you answered the question, what you concluded (intro, question, methods, findings).
  • Prof. Hofmeister will ask questions based on the “Gutachten,” so you can prepare by considering how you would answer them. Important here is not to justify what you did in the BA thesis, but rather to learn from the experience and identify what you might do differently if you were to do this again.
  • Prof. Hofmeister will be looking for continued willingness to learn and see new viewpoints, your ability to reflect about what is there and what could be extended or improved, and ability to speak about your topic and where it fits sociologically. So, knowing where your work fits into the broader sociological landscape is excellent.

If you wish to ask Prof. Hofmeister to be your second examiner please use the form "Zweitprüferin"


application final thesis - Prof. Hofmeister, Ph.D (pdf)

application second examiner (pdf)

application dissertation (pdf)

(forms can be filled in on your computer and saved onto your hard drive)

If you wish to apply for Dr. Krömmelbein to be your examiner, please use the form below:

application final thesis - Dr. Krömmelbein (pdf)