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The Social Sciences Graduate Centre (GRASOC - GraduiertenCenter Sozialwissenschaften) bundles all support measures at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Goethe University Frankfurt for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. Its objectives are to ensure that doctoral researchers enjoy the best possible conditions for successful doctoral studies and to foster the career development of post-doctoral researchers through targeted training measures and advisory services. What concrete shape the programme takes is developed in a dialogue with the doctoral researchers and their supervisors. For us, the role of GRASOC is also to be a platform which contributes to better self-organization and networking amongst the doctoral researchers, for example by supporting thematic working groups, known as “DocAGs” (doctoral working groups).

Skills development

Other training opportunities for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers include, amongst others, colloquia and congresses, methods training, workshops on transferable skills (e.g. acquisition of external funding), scholarships or support for visits abroad/binational doctoral degrees.


DocAGs are self-organized working groups in which at least five doctoral and post-doctoral researchers join forces.  Doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who come together in a DocAG have the possibility to apply for funding for self-organized workshops, conferences, and invitations to visiting scientists, as well as to use the rooms and infrastructure of the Graduate Centre. Further information about how to apply for funding and an overview of the DocAGs can be found here .


Workshops and conditions of participation

All workshops are listed in chronological order under "News" in the menu on the right. The number of participants per workshop is restricted to 12. The workshops, which are free of charge, are intended for all doctoral researchers accepted at the Faculty of Social Sciences by the Doctoral Committee, as well as all post-doctoral researchers who are members of the Faculty. Binding registration is requested. Registrations are considered in the order in which they are received, i.e. first come, first served.

Travel subsidies

GRASOC moreover awards up to 10 travel subsidies each year of a maximum of € 400 for researchers’ active participation in conferences, shorter research visits or attendance of summer schools. Such research visits are not intended for the collection of data or desk research. These cannot be financed from GRASOC’s travel budget. Please note that travel costs for conferences can only be borne on condition that you take an active part in the conference and submit together with your application an invitation from the conference organizers or the conference agenda, from which it is clear that you are making a presentation at the conference which is related to the theme of your dissertation. Applications for travel subsidies can be submitted using the relevant form. The application form for reimbursement of travel costs can be found here.