PhD Students

Luis Aguilar

"Racism, Neo-Racism and Islamophobia in the Discourses and Representations of ‚Muslim‘Migrants in the German Conference on Islam (Deutsche Islam Konferenz) and in the German Press Media"

Flaminia Bartolini

"Reproductive health in the 'illegality'. Undocumented female migrants in Germany and in Italy”

Alexandra Florea

"Technology and the Future of Work. The impact of Internet on Work Practices and Behaviors"

Claudia Froböse

"Activism and Political Education in Post-Revolutionary Egypt"

Marija Grujic

"Serbian Nationalism and Internally Displaced Persons from Kosovo - the Intersection of Religious, National, and Gender Identities"

Ayse Guel

"The Future of Democracy: Participative and Deliberative Innovations for the Preservation and Restoration of Political Legitimacy Allowing for the Normative Imperative of Political Equality" 

Regina Hack

"Konsultationskulturen staatlicher und zivilgesellschaftlicher Akteure im internationalen Regieren"

Felix Hauf

"The Cultural Political Economy of Decent Work: Transnational Labour Norms between Global Regualtion and Local Appropriation—the Case of Indonesia’s Garment Industry"

Maria Teresa Herrera Vivar

"’We Act as if We Owned Documents’: Activism and Self-Organization of (Undocumented) Latin American Care Workers in Germany”

Joe Kaluba

"North-South Civil Society Organisations’ Engagement in Democratic Change, Future Politics and Democratisation"

Mara Kastein

"Männerpolitiken in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Entwicklung, Zusammenschlüsse und Beiträge zur Geschlechterdemokratie"

Christopher Lee-Gaston

"Advisors and Activists: Private Advisory Organisations and their Role within Civil Nuclear Politics"

Aviv Melamud

"Justice Concerns in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime: Do They Affect Compliance Behavior?"

Kristina Nottbohm

"‚Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?‘ Debates about a Powerful Contradiction - a Comparision Between Germany and France"

Felix Ntim

"African Diasporic Politics in Europe and Transnational Democracy: Frictions, Contradictions, and New Ideas"

Veronika Ott

"Contested Knowledge: Representations and Interventions on Trafficking in Women, Migrant  Prostitution and Sexwork"

Catharina Peeck

"Social Inequality and Political Representation in a Multicultural Society. The “Prevent Strategy”, Public Funding and Muslim Women in Great Britain"

Sophie Schäfer

"Der Islam demokratischer Debatten. Zur diskursiven Konstruktion innerer Gefahren und Chancen in deutschen Parlamentsdebatten"

Adrienn Schneider

"Transnationales Altern in Care-Einrichtungen in Ungarn"

Claudia Sontowski

"Viagra: Appropriation of a Medical Technology That Transgresses Boundaries"

Sidaba David Tchakoura

"The Influence and Dynamics of Internal and External Factors on the Establishment of Democracy in Africa"

Vanessa Eileen Thompson

"The Fanonian Echo in Paris. Anti-Black Racism, Colonial Alienation and Black Activism"

Yevgeniya Wirz 

"Transnational Care: Challanges for the Ukrainian Female Labour Migrants and Their Non-migranting Family Members"