List of IPP Supervisors with their Research Focuses

Prof. Dr. Anna Amelina

Sociology with a focus on migration and transnational studies

  • Research on transnational migration
  • Intersectionality research
  • Cultural Theories
  • Transnational Studies

Prof. Dr. Birgit Blättel-Mink

Sociology with a focus on industrial and organizational sociology

  • Economy and sustainability
  • Innovation as a social process
  • Transdisciplinarity in sustainability research
  • University as an organization
  • Gender and work
  • Gender and education
  • Sociology as a profession

Prof. Dr. Tanja Brühl

Political science with a focus on international institutions and peace processes

  • International institutions, in particular the United Nations
  • Peace and security research
  • Theories of international relations
  • Global governance / Privatization of world politics
  • Norms in international relations

 Prof. Dr. Nikita Dhawan

Junior professorship for political science with a focus on gender/postcolonial studies

  • Transcultural Political Philosophy
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Gender and Queer
  • Globalization and Transnational Migration

 Prof. Dr. Alexander Ebner

Social economics with a focus on the sociology of economics and political economy

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cluster and innovation networks
  • Regional economic development
  • Market and state
  • Governance
  • History of socio-economic theory

 Prof. Dr. Brigitte Geißel

Political science and political sociology with a focus on state and politics in the Federal Republic of Germany in the European context

  • Democracy research
  • Participation research
  • Urban and regional research
  • Democratic innovations
  • Governance
  • Political actors

Prof. Dr. Dr. Rolf Haubl

Sociology and psychoanalytical social psychology

  • Social-scientific emotion research
  • Illness and society
  • Consulting research, in particular the development, practical testing, and evaluation of psychoanalytical concepts for supervision, coaching, and organizational analysis and consulting
  • Methodology and methods of psychoanalytical social research, in particular relationship dynamics in qualitative interviews, biographical analyses, as well as case reconstructions

 Prof. Dr. Kira Kosnick

Sociology with a focus on culture and migration

  • Research on Transnational Migration
  • Transformation of Public Spheres
  • Cultural Theories
  • Research on Racism and Ethnicity
  • Ethnographical Methods

 Prof. Dr. Thomas Lemke

Sociology with a focus on biotechnology, nature and society

  • Social theory
  • Sociological theory
  • Political sociology
  • Biopolitics
  • Sociology of scientific knowledge and technology
  • Sociology of the body
  • Philosophy of science

 Prof. Dr. Helma Lutz

Sociology with a focus on women's and gender studies

  • Women's and gender studies
  • Migration research
  • Intersectionality research
  • Racism and ethnicity research
  • Qualitative research methods/biography research

 Prof. Dr. Andreas Nölke

Political science with a focus on international relations and international political economy

  • Transnational political economy of the regulation of corporate governance
  • Boundaries of transnational private governance
  • Multinational companies from countries outside the triad
  • Accounting standards from a political science perspective
  • Political economy of financialization capitalism
  • National and international regulation of capital markets
  • Deep integration in North-South relations
  • Diversity of capitalism outside the OECD
  • Transnational politics
  • International relations and organizational research

Prof. Dr. Sigrid Roßteutscher

Sociology with a focus on social conflict and social transformation

  • Social capital
  • Sociology of religion
  • Elections and election behavior
  • Sociocultural transformation
  • Political socialization

 Prof. Dr. Uta Ruppert

Political science and political sociology with a focus on developing countries and gender studies

  • Globalization/Transnationalization and gender
  • Gender policy transition in the context of transformation
  • Culture and development in Southeast Africa

Prof. Dr. Sandra Seubert

Political science with a focus an political theory

  • Modern political theory, especially theory of democracy
  • Citizenship/civil society
  • Cosmopolitanism
  • Theories of justice
  • Critical theory
  • Feminist theory

 Dr. Alice Szczepanikova (postdoctoral fellow)

Sociology with a focus an gender and migration

  • Migration and european asylum politics
  • Gender and identity
  • North Caucasus and the former Soviet Union

 Prof. Dr. Ulla Wischermann

Sociology with a focus on women's and gender studies

  • Media sociology
  • Social movement research
  • Theories of the public sphere
  • Gender studies

 Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wolf

Political science with a focus on international relations and foreign policy

  • Respect and status in international relations
  • US foreign and security policy
  • Great power relations
  • Peace and conflict studies

 Prof. Dr. Thomas Zittel

Political science with a focus on comparative political science

  • Comparative government
  • Empirical and normative theories of democracy
  • Political representation
  • Political participation
  • Electronic democracy
  • Political communication