Welcome to the Faculty of Psychology and Sports Sciences

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Faculty 05 Psychology & Sports Sciences

Our faculty comprises the Institute of Psychology on Westend Campus and the Institute of Sports Sciences and the University Sports Centre on Ginnheim Campus. The two institutes were brought together as one faculty in 2001 and together have a total of about 20 professorships as well as some additional cooperation professorships, primarily in conjunction with the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) in Frankfurt. The University Sports Centre became part of the Faculty of Psychology and Sports Sciences in April 2014.

We offer six degree programmes of our own (B.A. Sports Sciences, B.Sc. Psychology, M.A. Social Sciences in Sport, M.A. Sports Medical Training & Clinical Exercise Physiology, M.Sc. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, M.Sc. Psychology) and are also involved in teacher training. In the area of research, our institutes work closely together with many other faculties and institutions in and around Frankfurt and maintain extensive international contacts.

With about 300 courses per week in over 60 disciplines, the sports programme offered by the University Sports Centre is very broad and open to all students and staff at Goethe University Frankfurt, thus facilitating a healthy balance to everyday work or studies.


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Institute of Psychology

The Institute of Psychology was founded in 1905 and thus has a long tradition in Frankfurt. It played a dominant role in the early years of experimental psychology in the German-speaking area and today unites the former institutes of psychology, educational psychology and psychoanalysis. With 19 professorships (including several cooperation professorships with the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF)), the institute is one of the largest in Germany.

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Institute of Sports Sciences

The history of the Institute of Sports Sciences dates back to 1925 and the early days of Goethe University Frankfurt. The Institute, at home today on Ginnheim Campus, is structured in four areas: Sports medicine, kinesiology and coaching science have a natural science focus whilst sport pedagogy and sociology of sport have their roots in the humanities and social sciences. With at present five chairs, the Institute covers the full spectrum of sports science and sports medicine disciplines.