Research - Prof Dr. S. Seubert

Research Interests

  • Modern Political Theory, especially theory of democracy and political citizenship
  • Democratic Representation
  • Transnationalization of Democracy
  • History of Political Thought
  • Political Theory of Privacy
  • Gender- and Feminist Theory

Current Research Projects:

 Graduiertenkolleg "Standard des Regierens" 

The Research Training Group is focused on norms of good governance, which encompass transparency, accountability, representation and the rule of law but also more specific governance standards such as anti-corruption, gender equality or the systematic evaluation of policies. We are planning to analyze how governance standards emerge, how they spread internationally and how they are implemented in practice. Not least, we are interested in forms of societal and political resistance against efforts to standardize the quality of governance. The policy fields to be studied are economic and financial policy, development, environment and sustainability, basic rights and rule of law promotion. We will also analyze critically how good governance practices relate to more traditional ideals of democratic self-determination and popular sovereignty.

Completed Research Projekts

EU KP 7 Collaborative Project, 7. General Program of the EU. "All Rights Reserved? Barriers toward European CITIZENship (bEUcitizen). 2013-2017

The project investigates the barriers and contradictions that hinder the citizens of member states of the European Union in practicing their rights and duties relating to the currently developed status of “EU-citizenship” and thus restrain the development of the EU towards a new form of political union.
The Goethe-University is represented in the executive board of the project by Prof. Dr. Sandra Seubert, who is responsible coordinator of a part of the project.


Project of the VW-Foundation "Strukturwandel des Privaten" (Structural Transformation of Privacy)


Duration: May 2013 - July 2021