Suggestions for Contacting Professors


  • Before looking for a suitable host, you should have a rather precise idea/concept about your research project .
  • You should begin by obtaining detailed information on the different faculties, institutes, departments and professors at GU to find out which professor would be the most appropriate host in your case. It should be someone whose field of research covers the same or a similar topic to the one of your own research project.
  • For this purpose, use the overview of all the faculties at GU, which will refer you to the relevant faculty homepage for obtaining the information you need on the respective departments, research areas and professors. Additionally, you should aquire an idea about the most important research centers, -projects and  -cooperations at GU.


  • Once you have found the ideal potential host for your project, you can apply directly to him or her (not to the GWC!) by writing an application enclosing a letter of motivation, your curriculum vitae, a list of publications and an outline of your proposed project or statement of purpose. The more precisely you set out the reasons why you believe you can accomplish your project optimally with this particular host at GU and how you intend to finance your stay, the greater are your chances for success.
  • If you have the opportunity, you could also approach the individual concerned in person, e.g. at a meeting or conference. 
  • You might search for the contact details of your potential host with the following list of GU's faculties:

01 - Law
02 - Economics and Business Administration
03 - Social Sciences
04 - Educational Sciences
05 - Psychology and Sports Sciences
06 - Protestant Theology
07 - Roman Catholic Theology 
08 - Philosophy and History
09 - Faculty of Linguistics, Cultures, and Arts
10 - Modern Languages
11 - Geoscience and Geography
12 - Computer Science and Mathematics
13 - Physics 
14 - Biochemistry,Chemistry and Pharmacy
15 - Biological Sciences 
16 - Medical Science

  •  We regret that applications sent to the GWC cannot be processed or forwarded.