Gender & Diversity Controlling means applying processes of quality assurance and controlling to the field of equal opportunity. A central instrument in this process is equality monitoring, which continuously captures data on the proportion of men and women in all areas and on all university qualification levels. This creates transparency and highlights success as well as stagnation. The »Equality-Monitor«, which appears annually, provides all members of the university community with facts and figures concerning equal opportunity.

Through GEDAP (Gender Equality & Diversity Actions Plans) the faculties are provided with planning and reporting tools, which help them analyze the current situation in their field, plan goal- and demandoriented measures and monitor the success of those measures' implementation.

In cooperation with other administrative units, Gender & Diversity Controlling works towards the full integration of gender and diversity aspects in quality management and controlling throughout the university. Another focus is the development of »Diversity Monitoring« which should go beyond the categories of gender to include immigration and educational background among others. It serves to measure the extent to which diversity of students, faculty and staff progresses at Goethe University.