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Women’s Representative and Equal Opportunities Office

As a »University of Equal Opportunities« changing towards a more gender and diversity-sensitive academic culture is an important goal of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. The women’s representative of Goethe University supports this endeavor. She is responsible for updating and implementing the university’s central plan for women’s advancement. She also works toward the integration of gender studies with both research and teaching in all subject areas.

As head of the Equal Opportunities Office and in conjunction with her colleagues, the women’s representative develops concepts and policies that further gender equality. Their implementation is driven by a variety of services, such as targeted training and further qualification programs, as well as those offered by the Dual Career Service and Family Service. Furthermore, the Coordinating Office for Gender & Diversity Controlling monitors equality and provides for the systematic integration of data on the status of gender equality into quality management. The Gender Consulting Team, meanwhile, advises faculties and research groups in the implementation of gender equality policies. The central focus of the Coordinating Office for Diversity Policies is to raise awareness among all university community members of how to handle heterogeneity. The goal is, inter alia, to tailor equality measures to the specific needs of the university’s faculties and groups.

The Equal Opportunities Office supports independent projects in addition to those measures it conducts itself. These include the mentoring projects »MentorinnenNetzwerk«, »SciMento«,»ProProfessur«, as well as the mentoring project »ArbeiterKind.de«.

Antidiscrimination Center

About us


About us

The Antidiscrimination Center is part of the Equal Opportunities Office and offers counseling, mediation and information. We support persons affected by discrimination and aim to abolish the underlying structures that enable discrimination.

Have you experienced discrimination on campus?
Have you observed others being treated in a discriminatory manner? 

We will support and advise you.


Jana Arnold

Telefon: +49 (0)69 / 798-18134
E-Mail: j.arnold@em.uni-frankfurt.de 

Campus Westend | IKB-Building
Room 1130
Eschersheimer Landstr. 121-123
60322 Frankfurt am Main

What is Discrimination?

What is Discrimination?

 Discrimination describes various forms of humiliation, disadvantage, harassment, exclusion or marginalization in terms of:

❚ racist reasons (concerning appearance, assumed or actual origin and/or religion, name etc.)
❚ religion, belief or philosophy of life
❚ gender or sex
❚ sexual identity and/or orientation
❚ physical/mental capabilities or appearance
❚ age
❚ socio-economic background and/or status
❚ family status
❚ etc.

Our Service

Our Service

❚ initial consultation
❚ individual and group counseling
❚ support to find a specialized counseling center
❚ protection against discrimination and prevention of discrimination
❚ information and awareness-raising on discrimination

Addressees of our Services:

❚ students, staff and any persons affiliated with the university who have experienced discrimination
❚ supporters of persons who have suffered from discrimination
❚ witnesses to instances of discrimination and violence
❚ teachers, consultants and other confidants who wish to receive more information about antidiscrimination

Our counseling Principles

❚ confidential and at no charge
❚ focus on your wishes and needs
❚ joint development of possible options for action