1. What are the official dates of the conference?
The conference takes place from Monday, 01 September, to Friday, 05 September 2014. There are a lot of different events during the first four days (01-04 September).
The last day, i.e. 05 September, is reserved for an internal meeting of the Islamic theological centers in Germany.

2. Where is the conference "Horizons of Islamic Theology" taking place?
The conference is taking place at the Hörsaalzentrum of Goethe-University’s Westend Campus (Grüneburgweg 1, 60323 Frankfurt am Main). More information on the venue can be found here.

3. Which language will the conference be held in?
It is an international conference that offers German as well as English panels.
Furthermore, there is a panel in Arabic and one in Turkish. Each panel’s language is indicated on the conference schedule.

4. How can I book a hotel room?
A link to a list of hotels with special offers for congress participants can be found here. Furthermore, Frankfurt offers several hotels in different categories which can be booked on the usual websites for hotel booking.

5. From when and until when can I register for the conference?
You can register from now on using the electronic registration form on the website. However, it is also possible to register during the conference. Detailed information (e.g. on reduced registration fees for early registration) is available in the information for registration.

6. How can I register for the conference?
You can register using the electronic registration form.

7. Is it possible to attend the conference on one day only?
Yes, this is possible.

8. What is the registration fee for the conference?
The different rates for the conference registration fee are available on the information for conference registration.

9. What is included in my registration fee?
The registration fee includes the opening reception, all sessions/panels, and complimentary refreshment breaks and information material for the conference. If you register for one day only, the fee includes the events, breaks etc. on this day.

10. How can I pay the conference registration fee?
You need to pay the registration fee by bank transfer.

11. Can I suggest a panel or a topic for a presentation?
Horizons of Islamic Theology welcomes suggestions for topics for panels or presentations. Please contact the chair of the section in which you would like to organize the panel or do a presentation. For more information see the call for papers.

12. Is prayer possible at the conference venue?
Yes, you can pray at the so-called "Haus der Stille".

13. What are the prayer times in Frankfurt during the conference?
A link to prayer times can be found here.

14. Are lunch and dinner offered at the conference venue?
All information on this topic can be found here.

15. Is halal food available at the Campus Westend?
Unfortunately, there is no halal food as such, but in the different cafeterias at the Campus Westend one can eat vegetarian food or fish. A link to all facilities on the campus can be found here.

16. Is the conference venue accessible for the handicapped?
The conference venue is accessible for handicapped people. There are several elevators to the rooms where the panels, etc. take place, as well as parking areas for handicapped people in front of the Hörsaalzentrum in which the conference takes place.

17. Will childcare be available while I am attending the conference?
Unfortunately, child care services cannot be provided during the conference.

18. Who can I contact if my questions have not been answered by the FAQs?
Please contact info@zefis-conference.de if your question has not been answered by the FAQs.