Certificate of Attendance

Your home university may require a certificate of departure/ attendance attesting the end of the study period. The form provided by your home university may be signed by the International Office or your deparmtental coordinator. Please check the respective form or enquire at your home university, how many days prior to the end of your study period the form can be signed (usually not more than three days). Please send the respective form from your home university - already filled in to incoming(at)uni-frankfurt.de, in order for us to stamp and sign the document. If you participated in the DIA course, your study period begins in September or March, respectively. If you did not participate in the DIA course, your study period begins in October or April, respectively.

In concurrence with the end of the lecture period, we will attest the following periods of attendance:

  • Winter semester:         end of mobility → February.

  • Summer semester:      end of mobility → July.

We will only issue certificates of attendance with the period of attendance dating until March or August/(September), if you present us with proof from your academic advisor at Goethe University that your attendance at Goethe University was necessary beyond the end of the lecture period, e.g. due to exams.

Students at the faculty of Medicine: Please present the "Participation Certificate" from the "Auslandsbüro" of the faculty as proof.