Transcript of Records

If you have been an exchange student and you need a transcript of records to take back to your home university, please take care of the following steps.

The transcript of records section described below, will be available in your work-flow only once the lecture period has ended - approx. end of July/February:

  1. Provide the postal address of your home university/ institution (International Office, department/ faculty or records and registration) in your personal work-flow (online portal)

  2. Certificates of completion/ participation (Leistungs-/Teilnahmescheine) sent directly to the Global Office by the faculty/ lecturer will be uploaded in your personal work-flow, once we have received them. (You will only be able to see them in your account if you have already completed step 1.)

  3. Confirm in your work-flow when all certificates of completion/ participation have been uploaded.

  4. Fill in the transcript (questionnaire).

Please see below on how to proceed with certificates you have not yet received before you leave Goethe University.

In case you are studying at the department/ faculty of Law, Economics and Business Administration or Medicine: Your transcript of records will be issued by the "Auslandsbüro" of your respective faculty. If you have any questions regarding the transcript, please contact the faculty.

If you study at Goethe University for two semesters, the transcript will be issued for both semesters together at the end of your study period.

Transcripts are sent via postal mail in a sealed envelope. Transcripts will not be issued during office hours.


Please enquire at your home institution when you will need to hand in the transcript. Then, please take care of the necessary steps early, in order for us to be able to issue the transcript in time.

ECTS-/Credit Points (CP)

Please note that only if the ECTS‑/Credit Points (CP) are marked on the certificate by the lecturer/departmental coordinator, they can be included in the transcript, so please make sure that the credit points are clearly stated on the certificate by the lecturer/departmental coordinator. The Global Office is not authorized to assign credit points; only the department/faculty can do so.

If your department/ faculty at Goethe University issues a transcript, you do not need to have the document signed by the Global Office. It is sufficient if the department/ faculty or the Global Office issues the transcript.

Certificates of completion/participation (Leistungs-/Teilnahmescheine)

Scheine (certificates) usually need to be picked up either directly with the lecturer or the office of the respective department or faculty. Please ask your lecturer or the office of the department/ faculty where students pick up their certificates at the end of the semester.

Certificates for some classes might not be handed out until the end of the semester (approx. September/March) or the beginning of the following semester (October/April), especially if papers still need to be handed in and corrected during the semester break. At that time, guest students have already returned to their home institution. Before you leave (approx. February/July), please discuss with your lecturer at Goethe University how to proceed with your certificates. Maybe you can leave a self-addressed, post-paid envelope with the office of the respective department or faculty of Goethe University and ask whether they might send the certificate to your home address. If the department/ faculty is unable to send you the certificate, they can send it to the Global Office (c/o Ms Freier) and we will forward it to you.

It is your responsibility to discuss with the respective department/ faculty/ lecturer how you can receive your certificate of completion/ participation. You should do this before you leave. Usually, you need to hand in an already filled in certificate (Scheinformular) with the lecturer or the office of the respective department/ faculty. Depending on the certificate and the department/ faculty, students need to provide more or less information on the certificate. Typically, you need to write your name and enrolment number on the certificate. Furthermore, on some certificates you might also have to fill in the course title, winter or summer semester, type of course (like for example „Proseminar“ [seminar] or „sprachpraktische Übung“ [language course] or „Vorlesung“ [lecture]), the work performed (like for example „Hausarbeit“ [written paper] or Referat [oral report]). Please ask your lecturer how to fill in the certificate, correctly. Only if you have handed in a certificate, the lecturer can sign it. Certificates may differ depending on the degree program (bachelor, master, Diplom or Magister). The certificates differ depending on the department/ faculty. For example: the “Institut für Romanische Sprachen und Literaturen“ (Romance Studies) has different certificates of completion/participation than the “Institut für England- und Amerikastudien“ (English/American Studies). The certificate for the Bachelor in Political Sciences may differ from the certificate of the Master in Political Sciences. Please direct questions – regarding which certificate of completion/ participation you need to hand in – at the respective department/faculty. Please fill in and hand in the necessary certificates before you leave for your home country.

Certificate of attendance

In order to receive a certificate of attendance for courses, you may use the Course Certificate for Temporary Students (Teilnahmenachweis). Lecturers are not required to issue a certificate of attendance. As a guest student, you should contact the lecturer at the beginning of the semester and inform him/ her that you will be attending the course as a guest student and that you would like to receive a certificate of attendance for the course. The certificate of attendance will facilitate the issuance of your official transcripts of records.