Prof. Dr. Claudius Wagemann - Teaching

Following the denomination of the Chair, we concentrate our teaching activities on research methods.

Regularly taught English-language courses include an M.A. level course on “Research Design” every winter term. This seminar gives an overview of the most important current literature on project planning and of the currently virulent methodological debates. The course is empirically oriented, with a strong focus on case study and comparative methods. After a presentation of several design options, selected important phases of the research cycle are covered. International students are especially invited to join this course.

A further well-established course which is held in English (and thus especially suitable for international students) introduces to set-theoretic methods, such as Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). This is also an M.A. level course, more specialized than “Research Design”. 

Following the guidelines of the university, we offer our courses digitally in summer semester 2020. We are aware that digital education cannot replace attendance teaching. Therefore we will attempt to transfer many courses, that took place digitally in summer semester out of necessity, back to the classroom (or, at least, have them in a more interactive form) in winter semester 2020/21. Check the respective syllabi to find out if the course is being offered again in winter semester 2020/21.

The following is the English language teaching offer of the Chair in the summer term 2020

Principal Component Analysis and Corrospondence Analysis | Syllabus

Vertiefung Forschungsanwendung: Electoral Behaviour | Syllabus

Vertiefung Forschungstechnik: Quantitative Text Analysics | Syllabus

Vertiefung Forschungstechnik: Visualization Methods | Syllabus

English language teaching offer of the Chair in the last semester

winter termin 2019/20  

Research Training Part I and II: Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and Fuzzy Sets | Evaluation
Readings in Research Design
Quantitative Text Analysis
Vertiefung Forschungsanwendung: Electoral Behavior      
Vertiefung Forschungsanwendung: Democracy and Democratization

winter term 2018/19    Research Training Part I and II: Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and Fuzzy Sets  
winter term 2017/18  

Research Design
Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and Fuzzy Sets 

summer term 2017  

Research Training Part I and Part II:
(Mis)Perceptions in a Globalized World – Comparative Empirical Analyses of Country Images | Evaluation

winter term 2016/17  

Research Design  | Evaluation
Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and Fuzzy Sets  | Evaluation

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