Professorship for International Institutions and Peace Processes

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Photo Credits: Layan Abhari (student assistant at professorship)

International Relations studies the interactions of states, international organizations, non-state actors (such as non-governmental organizations or companies), and individuals across national borders.

We focus, on the one hand, on the change of international institutions and norms – as well as their contestation. On the other hand, we explore the role of international institutions in conflict and peace processes.

In this context, the team at the chair offers the following thematic expertise:

  • International organizations
  • International norms
  • Non-state actors in international politics
  • legitimacy and authority in global governance
  • democracy and rule of law promotion
  • international peace operations
  • international migration and asylum politics

The specific expertise covers the following topics:

  • the international regulation of child labor
  • the international drug control regime
  • global governance in the area of female genital mutilation/cutting
  • global cooperation on human trafficking
  • the European border regime
  • the Responsibility to Protect (R2P)
  • hybrid courts and commissions against impunity
  • protest and advocacy strategies of transnational networks of affected groups
  • transnational politics of the new Right

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The team of the Chair of International Institutions and Peace Processes

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