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Prof. Dr. Helma Lutz



Autumn 2020

Spring 2021

Autumn 2021

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0 free spots

No examinations anymore,

as professor Lutz will retire by the end of September!


Written Papers and Written Versions of Oral Presentations

1. Registration: Every piece of written work must be registered with me in advance; you must discuss the topic with me in my office hour by the fourth week of the semester at the latest.

2. Deadline: Whether you have been working on a written paper or a written version of an oral presentation, you must hand it in by the end of the semester (i.e. end of September or end of March), in written form and accompanied by the certificate you require. Papers can also be sent to my university address (see above).

3. Collection of certificates: Please collect your certificate from the middle of the following semester onwards, either in my office hour (if you want to discuss your paper in person) or from my secretary’s office (Monday to Wednesday).

4. Finding a topic: Look for a question that has a direct connection with the subject of the seminar. It is important that there should be enough scholarly literature available on the question you choose. The Internet can provide you with useful guidance, but it is not sufficient as a source. Wikipedia is not a scholarly source, though you may well find references there to literature which you can then follow up.

5. You can find formal requirements and further advice on how to write papers in the PDF document Verfassen einer schriftlichen Arbeit. Advice on reading and evaluating scholarly literature can be found in the PDF document Die zehn Gebote.