Information about the master thesis

It is possible to work on the thesis externally at another institution. The external Supervisor has to comply with the requirements of examiners of the 'Masterordnung': Professor Status, Private Lecturer (PD) or University Lecturer (HD).

The thesis has to be written in English. The topic can only be returned once during the first two (2) months.

There are no specifc layout regulations to be followed in the master thesis.

The period between setting the topic and submitting the thesis must not exceed six (6) months and begins the day after the topic has been assigned.* These conditions are in accordance with § 27 of the regulations of the Faculty of Biosciences, Goethe University, governing the master’s degree ‘Interdisciplinary Neuroscience’ dating from 30/03/2009.

The thesis has to be submitted to the Prüfungeamt in four (4) hardcover editions. The date of receipt is authoritative. The thesis will be considered as failed when not submitted to the Prüfungsamt within the time limit prescribed. A personal submission is not necessary, but if you prefer to do so, this is possible within office hours of the dean's office (Monday-Thursday: 9-12 and 14-16 o'clock, Friday:9-12 o'clock).

The following German declaration must be submitted and signed on the last page of the thesis: For language purposes, foreign Students may also use the English Versionin additionto the German declaration.

Ich erkläre hiermit, dass ich die Masterarbeit selbstständig und ohne Benutzung anderer als der angegebenen Quellen und Hilfsmittel verfasst habe. Die Arbeit wurde noch nicht in einem anderen Studiengang als Prüfungsleistung verwendet.

I declare that I have written the master’s thesis independently and without any use of resources other than the ones quoted in the thesis. The thesis has not been used as an examination record in another course of studies.

Important:In the event of illness an application for extension must be submitted informally. The extension cannot be longer than 50% of the processing time allotted which is three (3) months, § 27, para.9. Therefore, it is not sufficient only to submit a sick-certificate.


*Date topic was assigned (=Beginning of master’s thesis)


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