Ecology and Evolution Master’s Study Programme

                                        !!!!    Important Information    !!!!

The curriculum of the master's degree programme, "Ökologie und Evolution", which was previously a German-language course, will be changed to an English-language master's degree programme, "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health", as part of the current reaccreditation.

Important changes associated with the aforementioned: 

  •  The title of the master's degree program "Ökologie und Evolution" will be changed to "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health"
  • International applicants no longer need to show that they have passed the "Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) " exam i.e., the German language test for university admission
  • New students will only be admitted to this master's degree programme in the winter semester. The possibility to start the course in the summer semester will be dispensed with.
  • At the beginning of their studies, in the first half of the winter semester, all students shall take a basic module with lectures and tutorials titled "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health". Thereby the acquisition of advanced language skills is supported by various offers.
  • In the compulsory elective area, all modules shall be taught in English, with few exceptions.
  • As part of the course, there shall be an opportunity to set priorities concerning a subject within the curriculum. The chosen subject focus can be noted on the certificate. Possible areas of specialization are: 

- Ecology 

- Ecotoxicology

- Evolutionary Biology

- Organismic Diversity

- Mycology

The large compulsory elective area, which was set up for the master's degree programme in "Ökologie und Evolution", as well as the "Freie Modul" (new name: "Optional Module") will be retained.

The changes will be implemented from the beginning of the winter semester 2023/24 provided that the amended curriculum regulations and the associated module handbook are approved by the responsible committees.       

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                            Master`s Study Programm "Ecology and Evolution"

The four semester “Ecology and Evolution" Master's Study Programme is offered by the Faculty of Biological Sciences. The start of studies for the Master's Study Programme is in the Winter or Summer Semester, respectively. The application deadline for the Winter Semester is the 15th of July and for the Summer Semester, the 15th of January. Application takes place via an Online Application Portal in cooperation with uni-assist in Berlin. You will find the current Study Regulations here (german).

The Master's Study Programme addresses ecology and evolutionary biology, which are closely related causally and in terms of content. It offers consolidating training in modern biodiversity research and provides important basic information for understanding biodiversity against the background of current environmental changes. The thematic offering extends from systematic-taxonomic curriculum contents to physiological up to ecological and experimental evolutionary biological aspects. In terms of methodology, molecular biological techniques up to ecosystem and biodiversity analyses are imparted. The M.Sc. is modularly divided into half-semester study units. For the first five modules, students can select from 3 to 4 subjects that are offered parallel to one another in each case and choose curricular focuses in the field of ecology and evolutionary biology (see Overview of the modules). Internships, for example, in scientific collections, government agencies or industrial and other application areas with ecological contents will also be approved. In addition to basic academic research, employment in research facilities, in environment protection and conservation, for agriculturally and forestry oriented employers, in scientific collections or in the chemical or agrotechnical industry can be considered.

In addition to the Goethe University, the following institutions participate in this Study Programme: the Senckenberg Research Institute and Museum as well as the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre BiK-F.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Professor Dr. Meike Piepenbring - Leader of the Master's Study Programme,, Tel. 069/798-42222
Dr. Sabrina Schiwy –Coordinator of the Master's Study Programmein the Biologicum,, Tel. 069/798-42173

The prerequisite for this course of study is a bachelor's degree from a university or a university of applied sciences in the biological sciences or a related specialist discipline or a comparable degree, in which the completed study programme must have a standard period of study of at least 6 semesters. Laboratory courses, vocational training or vocational experience are not required for admission to the Master's Study Programme in Ecology and Evolution.
Structure and contents of the Degree Programme
1st semester: 2 elective modules
2nd semester: 2 elective modules
3rd semester: 1 elective module and introduction to scientific work (6 weeks full-time in the work group)
4th semester: Master's thesis (6 months full-time in work group)
In the 3rd semester it is possible to study in a foreign country (e.g. with ERASMUS).

You will find an Overview of the modules and additional information on the modules here as well as in the Study Regulations.

Coordinator of the master programme

Dr. Sabrina Schiwy

Biologicum, Campus Riedberg

Flügel C, Raum3.318
Max-von-Laue-Str. 13
60438 Frankfurt am Main

F +49 69 798-42173

Office hour:

by arrangement


Examination Office

Sandra Luckert

Biozentrum, Campus Riedberg
Gebäude N 101, Raum 1.07
Max-von-Laue-Str. 9
60438 Frankfurt am Main

T +49 69 798-46475

F +49 69 798-46470 

Office hours:  

Tuesday and thursday from 12-14 o'clock and by arrangement