​MSc MBT - Master Molecular Biotechnology


The master programme Molecular Biotechnology will be closed most likely. Then no applications will be handled for the coming winter semester 2020/2021. Until the formal decision by the Goethe University, the application schedule is postponed starting June 1st and ending July 15th.

The Master Programme Molecular Biotechnology – MBT is a common project of the Faculties of Biosciences (FB 15), Computer Sciences and Mathematics (FB 12) Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy (FB 14) as well as the TU Darmstadt.

MBT focuses on molecular biological, biochemical, analytical as well as structure biological methods of White Biotechnology. (cf. Structure and Content)

The modules take place in German language, some partly in English (cf. Official Regulations).

These are the Qualifications and Competences to acquire.

The programme starts at the beginning of each winter semester.
You may apply as from April 1 to July 15.

Any person fulfilling the preliminaries is invited to apply:

Application for the master programme MBT

Detailed information regarding applications to Goethe University's master programmes is provided by the Study Service Center, the application itself is possible via the internet portal for master applications.

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