Prospective Students and First-Semester Students at BSc Biosciences


Herzlich willkommen! - Welcome!

The Biosciences Faculty is glad that you would like to study biological science at the Goethe University. To make your entry into the study programme easier, we would like to direct your attention to a few important items.

Between your admission to the study programme (as a rule in August) and the beginning of the semester in mid-October there is a long time in which you will not hear from us. In this period, you can participate in study-oriented preparatory courses (see below) or recuperate from the Abitur stress - in any case, enjoy your free time.

  • Course Curriculum for 1st semester students and link to the general course schedule
  • Start of the lectures in mid of October with the course StruFu
  • General information on the study programme
  • Link programme / preparation for the study programme