Strategic Partnerships


Country           City                 Institutions                 Website
China           Shanghai                 Fudan University       

United Kingdom           Birmingham                 University of Birmingham       

Israel           Tel Aviv                 Tel Aviv University       

Japan           Osaka                 Osaka University       

Canada           Toronto                 University of Toronto       

Czech Republic           Prague                 Charles University       

USA           Philadelphia                 University of Pennsylvania       

Goethe University has forged strategic partnerships with outstanding research universities located in major centres of international commerce and trade. These partnerships are based on a multitude of bilateral projects in research and teaching in several Faculties and Research Centres which are being expanded consistently.
In the cases of Tel Aviv, Toronto, Prag and Birmingham twinning arrangements of the City of Frankfurt and Goethe University’s strategic partnerships are mutually reinforcing, establishing a link between political and research activity. These synergies are the focus of regular conferences on „The University and the City“.