German courses

German as a foreign language courses for exchange students

Pre-semester German course

The Global Office in cooperation with the International Study Center (Internationales Studienzentrum) or later referred to as ISZ organizes a German intensive course for exchange students (Deutsch-Intensiv-Kurs für Austauschstudierende) or later referred to as DIA-Course. The course is free of charge for registered exchange students.

Information about the online placement test will be provided before the course begins. As soon as possible, we will post the preliminary dates for the DIA-course here.

Registration: If you would like to participate in the DIA-course, please fill in the appropriate field in the online application.

Please note, that the DIA-course in March is primarily reserved for students starting their study period at Goethe University in the summer term.
Sign up for the DIA-course in March is only possible until December 15.
Sign up for the DIA-course in September is only possible until June 15.

Additional German courses during the semester (Studienbegleitende Deutschkurse)

During the course of the semester, there will be various courses offered by the ISZ to help improve your knowledge of German. The courses can be attended in a building block fashion according to individual needs and preferences. For further information pertaining to these courses ask for an information flyer when you enroll at the Global Office. You can also find the schedule for these courses in the online course overview. The courses are free of charge for registered exchange students. German language courses at the ISZ can be added to your schedule in addition to the courses of your field of study at Goethe University.