Moving into student housing

On the day of arrival you should first move into your assigned room; then you can take care of getting enrolled (Immatrikulation) within the next couple of days. Please note that you cannot move into the student residence on weekends or holidays. Moving in is only possible Mondays through Fridays.

1. Please go to the Office of Student Housing (Wohnheimabteilung)

The student housing adminstration of Student Services (Studentenwerk) is located at Campus Bockenheim, Bockenheimer Landstr. 133, Neue Mensa Sozialzentrum, 3rd floor, rooms 319/320. Please mind the office hours of the student housing administration.

2. Then you can go to your assigned student dormitory

After you have signed the contract at the office of student housing you can go to your assigned student dormitory and move in. You have to meet before 2 p.m. with the facility manager (Hausmeister) who will hand out the keys.

3. Please open up a bank account in Frankfurt

The monthly rent will have to be paid by direct debit from your German bank account. Usually, you have to make an appointment to open up a bank account. There are several banks or Sparkassen close to the university. You can find a list with addresses of banks or Sparkassen close to campus Bockenheim in the “Guide for Visiting Students.” After you have opened up your bank account, go back to the student housing administration – within the first three days after moving in – and give them your account information and sign the direct debit authorization.