Withdrawal of Registration, Re-enrolment, Extension (Exchange and Program Students)

Withdrawal of Registration (Rücktritt von der Immatrikulation)

It is possible to withdraw your registration/enrollment (Immatrikulation) from Goethe University within certain deadlines (see below). If you withdraw your registration within the period stated you are considered not registered.


The application form must be submitted by 30 April for the summer semester and by 31 October for the winter semester. After these deadlines, only a de-registration (Exmatrikulation) is possible. Please also note the special regulations for withdrawals during the periods 01 April to 30 April and 01 October to 31 October of each year (see below).


The application form is available for download on the website of the Student Registration Office (unfortunately it is only available in German). The completed and signed application as well as any documents that may be attached to the application (see below) can be submitted personally or posted to the Student Registration Office.

Address to submit the application:

J. W. Goethe-Universität, Studierendensekretariat, 60629 Frankfurt.

Supporting documents:

The complete semester documents (Certificate of Enrollment, Goethe-Card) must be attached to the application form (if already received). Exchange/guest students have received these documents from the Global Office. Please also attach a copy of the remittance slip that confirms the payment of your semester social contribution.


For the withdrawal from the enrollment according to no. 263 of the administrative cost regulations for the business area of the Hessen State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts (issued November 18, 2009) administrative costs of €30 are charged.

Furthermore, the university will withhold the administrative fee included in the semester contribution according to § 56 of the Hessian University Law! This does not concern exchange/guest students as the €50 administrational fees have been waived for exchange/guest students which means you did not pay these fees in the first place.

The semester social contribution to be refunded to exchange/guest students is therefore reduced by the above mentioned €30.
If an application is made to withdraw from enrollment for a winter semester between 01 October and 31 October, for a summer semester between 01 April and 30 April, you are requested to present the not yet validated Goethe Card (if received from the Global Office already). This is mandatory.

If the Goethe Card cannot be presented or has already been validated for the corresponding semester, there is no longer any claim for a semester contribution refund.

If you want to maintain your repayment claim in the aforementioned period, only validate your Goethe-Card when it is certain that you will remain at Goethe University!

Please note that these are the regulations of the central university administration and not of the Global Office. They are non-negotiable, if you have any further questions regarding this regulation please turn to the Student Registration Office directly: ssc@uni-frankfurt.de.

Here we have provided a translation aid of the form. You need to use the German form of the Student Registration Office in order to apply for withdrawal. The translation is merely an aid to fill out the official German form.

Re-enrolment (Rückmeldung)

If your officially planned period of study exceeds one semester, you have to re-enrol for each following semester before the end of the current semester. The regular re-enrolment period starts:

  • 01 January and ends 31 January (re-enrolment for the summer semester) or
  • 01 July and ends 31 August (re-enrolment for the winter semester).

This is how the process works

Before the deadlines (31 January or 31 August), you need to transfer the semester social fee (Semestersozialbeitrag) to the bank account of the university. The semester social fee must have arrived on the account before deadline. Please have in mind that the money transferral and booking might take approx. five working days.

Please remember to state the correct reason for transfer (Verwendungszweck)! You can find it on the Stammdatenblatt of the current semester. (It is the 12 digit number within the framed: „Hinweis zur Rückmeldung“.) In January/ July the semester social fee for exchange/ guest students can be found below.

If you have any questions concerning re-enrolment please come to our office hours well before the deadline for re-enrolment passes.

Late fee

If you transfer the semester social fee late, i.e. between 01-28 February (re-enrolment for the summer term) or 01-31 August (re-enrolment for the winter term) you need to add a EUR 30,00 late fee to the original amount.

Goethe-Card validation and print out confirmation of enrolment

After the money has successfully been booked under your name, you can validate your Goethe-Card for the following semester. Therefore the lower half of the chip card will be re-stamped with the RMV logo and the new period of validity. In order to validate your chip card, insert it into one of the semester ticket validating machines. The locations of these can be found here. Please be aware, that the chip card will be drawn in twice during the validating process, please do not interrupt this process before it has been completed. The documents (Stammdatenblatt and confirmation of enrolment) for the upcoming semester can be obtained here.

Re-enrollment is only completed, once you have re-validated your semester ticket and printed out your confirmation of enrollment for the following semester. Please do so, approximately one week after you did the money transfer (i.e. in July/January). The present day will be printed as start date of your semester ticket.

Extension of originally planned study period

If you would like to extend your guest student status for one semester, i.e. beyond the originally granted study period, you can ask for an extension at the Global Office until:

  • 31 December (extension for the summer term) or
  • 30 June (extension for the winter term).

ERASMUS students: Please contact the Global Office, in order to receive the form extension request.

Direct/Departmental Exchange Program: The following confirmations that an extension has been approved need to reach the Global Office (incoming@uni-frankfurt.de):

1. Confirmation of home institution (e-mail by Global Office or departmental coordinator of home institution is sufficient).
2. Confirmation of faculty/ department at Goethe University (e-mail by departmental coordinator or Global Office (Auslandsbüro) of the faculty is sufficient).

Attention: Non-EU nationals studying in Germany must keep in mind their visa status. You are responsible to get an extension in time.

Freemover guest students need to present a letter of permission from their academic supervisor confirming the extension of their period of study in order to extend their studies.

Scholarship holders (e.g. DAAD) registered as guest students need to make sure that the Global Office receives a letter of award for the extended study period.

Semester Contribution (Semesterbeitrag) for Exchange and Program Students

The semester contribution (Semesterbeitrag) for the summer semester 2022 is 326,60 €. The composition of the contribution is illustrated in the following chart.

Contribution to the RMV-Semester Ticket

222,81 €

Cross-network fare zone: Nordhessischer Verkehrsverbund (NVV)

5,89 €

Transport association (Verkehrsverbund) Siegen/North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) (VGWS)

0,75 €

PASTA-Ticket (Palmengarten)

1,10 €

Hardship Fund Students' Union (AStA-Härtefonds)

0,60 €

Student Contribution to the Student Government (Studierendenschaft)

10,90 €

Contribution to Student Services Organisation (Studentenwerk)

81,50 €

"Sozialticket" (social ticket)/"Kulturticket" (culture ticket)

1,55 €*


1,50 €

* On the website of  the students' union (AstA Frankfurt) you can find additional information regarding the culturesocial ticket.

The student contribution (Semesterbeitrag) is for exchange and program students only! A 50€ administration charge has been waived for exchange and program students.

Semester Ticket

The Semester Ticket enables you to use all RMV- means of public transportation (bus, streetcars, subways, suburban lines, and local trains such as the Regionalbahn, Regionalexpress and Stadtexpress) in its entire network area for free. In addition, the transit zones to the VRN or Verkehrverbund Rhein-Neckar are available free of charge. The ticket is valid for all of center and southern Hessen and including Mainz, Weinheim, and Worms.

More Information on the RMV-Semester Ticket:

PAStA (Palmengarten-AStA-Ticket)

Students can use the Semester Ticket as an entry ticket to the Palmengarten (botanical garden) during regular hours of operation. But, some events are not covered by the Semester Ticket such as the Festival of Lights (Lichterfest). More Information pertaining to the PASTA-Ticket is available at AStA.

ISIC (International Student Identity Card)Students can receive discounts in over 110 countries worldwide for accomidations, travel, restaurants, and culture with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The ISIC card costs 10 € and is valid for 16 months. More information relating to the ISIC is available at the AStA and at www.isic.de.