Course Overview / Learning Agreement / Courses in English

Course Overview

The course overview (Vorlesungsverzeichnis):

  • for the winter semester will be updated in approx. June;
  • for the summer semester will be updated in approx. January.

Therefore, the course overview for the semester you are applying for is not yet online, when you hand in your application. You can get a general impression of what courses to choose from by looking at the current course overview, while the course overview of the following semester is not yet available. Please note, not all courses listed, for example, in the winter semester 2020/21 will be offered in winter semester 2021/22.

You click on "Courses of the Faculty..." choosing the department of your exchange program and then follow the links at the end of the page to your preferred specialization, study level, etc.

You will find the online course overview (of all faculties) on the following website:

You can access the course catalogue without login. If you have further questions, please contact the respective faculty directly. Links to all faculties can be found here.

Learning Agreement (for ERASMUS-students only)

If you have questions regarding your study program (e.g. ECTS credit points, course/exam registration, language of instruction, etc.), please contact your Departmental Coordinator at Goethe University directly.

With the introduction of the OLA (Online Learning Agreement) process Goethe University offers this possibility from the winter semester 2021/22 on. We offer this OLA-How-to-document as a guide to successfully complete the OLA-process only in addition to the information and guidelines you receive from your home institution, which you should refer to with priority. Here you find the updated list of respective contacts authorized to sign the OLA-document at Goethe University.
Unfortunately the new OLA-system seems to have a number of flaws and does not work properly at times. In that case you can still send the Learning Agreement by mail as an attachment to the respective contacts authorized to sign the document (not us at the Global Office though!).
We at the Global Office are not authorized to sign the OLA. Please do not send your Learning Agreement to us, but to the contacts authorized to sign it.

Pre-OLA/Old Learning Agreement-process:
The Learning Agreement form will be provided by your home institution. Please make sure, that the agreement is signed by

  • the Departmental Coordinators of your home institution and
  • of Goethe University, as well as
  • by yourself.

The Learning Agreement should be send as a scanned document to the respective contact at Goethe only after you have finalized it with the coordinator at your home university. Please note: "Responsible person at the receiving institution" can be found in the updated list of respective contacts authorized to sign the OLA-document at Goethe University. 

Once you have arrived in Frankfurt you can make changes to your originally Proposed Study Programme by filling out the form "Changes to the originally proposed study programme/learning agreement". Please discuss the filled out "Changes"-form directly with your respective Departmental Coordinator.

Courses Held in English

English courses can be found easily by going to, switching the language to English, choosing "Courses", "Search for Lectures," and select "English" as "Language of instruction" as "Search criterias."

Dep. 1, Law

Dep. 2, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Dep. 3, Social Sciences

List of courses in English for Incoming Bachelor Students (Dep. 3) - soon to be published

List of courses in English for Incoming Master Students (Dep. 3) - soon to be published

Dep. 4, Educational Sciences

Dep. 5, Psychology and Sports

Dep. 6, Protestant Theology

Dep. 7, Roman Catholic Theology

Dep. 8, Philosophy and History

Dep. 9, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, and Art

Dep. 10, Modern Languages

Dep. 11, Geosciences and Geography

Dep. 12, Computer Sciences and Mathematics

Dep. 13, Physics

Dep. 14, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmacy

Dep. 15, Biosciences

Dep. 16, Medical Science

In order to differentiate between Bachelor and Master level courses, you can select a “Header structure” on the "Search for Lectures" query. Select the faculty/ department, then, select the level of degree programme.