Accommodation in a student residence

ATTENTION: Winter term 2020/21

Reservation of an accommodation at the office of student housing of Student Services (Studentenwerk Frankfurt):

The reservation of an accommodation in a student residence is successfully completed once you, as an exchange student, have followed the request for payment of the rent for September as well as the deposit of €600 by 31 July. You will receive the corresponding request for payment in due time, approx. 20 July, included in the conditional confirmation.

Cancellation of the reservation:

In case of cancellation of the reservation by 15 August at the latest, the amount paid (September rent + deposit), will be refunded by the Studentenwerk under the condition that a new tenant can be found for 01 September. The respective credit institution may charge processing fees for the transfer back.

Cancelling the reservation between 16 August and 31 August necessitates retention of the rent for September, as a new tenant can be found no earlier than 01 October. The deposit will be refunded.

If you plan to arrive in October, you need to inform the International Office (incoming(at) and the Studentenwerk (wohnen(at) via e-mail of the delayed arrival no later than 15 September. In this case, the rent for September is still payable; correspondingly, it will be withheld and cannot be refunded.

In the event of a general cancellation of your study period, you are obligated to inform the International Office (incoming(at) by 15 September at the latest, otherwise the rent for October is due, because a new tenant cannot be found before 01 November.

Termination / Exclusion from termination

Rental contracts of the Studentenwerk are generally limited in time, for this reason they cannot be determinate prematurely.

Consequently, as soon as you have signed the lease after arrival, no cancellation is possible; the rent is due until the end of the lease.

Goodwill settlement:

In case of an illness-related termination (proven by a medical certificate) and an inevitable cancellation of your stay, the rent is payable until a suitable new tenant is found.

Neither early examinations nor early departures before the end of the lecture period justify a termination of the lease. The rent is due until the end of the contract. Goodwill settlements do not apply in this case.

The processing period for the return of the deposit by the Studentenwerk takes at least two months from the time the lease ends.

Application (exchange students)

Your institute of higher education or scholarship organization has nominated you as an exchange student at the University of Frankfurt. Unfortunately, accommodation is very limited. So placement for all exchange students cannot be guaranteed. Your admission as an exchange student does not guarantee your accommodation through the allotment.

If accommodation is available within the allotment for exchange students, the application form for accommodation in a student residence – administered by Student Services (Studentenwerk) – will be made available through the online platform work-flow of the online application (see: preparations/application).

  • approx. Mid-May (application winter term) or
  • approx. Mid-November (application summer term).

You will receive an e-mail once the application form has been released. You will also receive an e-mail, if no accommodation is available through the allotment. Exchange students apply for student housing through the allotment together with their exchange student application (International Office).

Deadline for application student residence winter term: 01 June or summer term: 01 December.

Please do not fill out the application form on the website of the Studentenwerk. The additional application does not increase your chances of receiving accommodation.

If you are not an exchange student nominated for Goethe University, unfortunately, you are not eligible for the allotment. In order to apply for accommodation in a student residence, please contact Student Services (Studentenwerk) directly. The allotment is for nominated exchange students only.

Unfortunately, we do not provide student housing for Freemover guest students. Please look for private accommodation early enough.

Important notice

The application is considered a binding application! If you have handed in the signed application form and do not need a room, you need to inform Ms Freier at the International Office immediately.

Rental period

All rental contracts for guest students are standardized. The rental period cannot be extended or shortened. Individual departure and arrival dates, unfortunately, cannot be considered.

In the winter semester: September 1st until February 28th.

In the summer semester: March 1st until July 31st.
Hansaallee: March 1st until August 31st.

It is not possible to view the accommodation before signing the rental contract.

The accommodation can only be rented for an entire semester.


All accommodation for guest students is basically furnished. Please note that bed sheets, duvets, blankets, pillows and towels are not provided by the student residence. Please bring these items with you or you will need to buy them after your arrival in Frankfurt.

A single room/1-room apartment in a student residence costs approx. EUR 250,00 - 350,00 per month.


Approx. in the middle of January / July we will inform you via e-mail, whether you have received accommodation in a student residence.

Should you receive a “conditional confirmation” for accommodation in a student residence, you will be asked to transfer the deposit (two monthly rents) plus the first month’s rent to the account of Student Services (Studentenwerk Frankfurt) six week prior to the start of the rental period. If the deposit does not arrive on the account of Student Services before the deadline ends, you will lose your reservation for accommodation in the student residence.

The deposit remains intact throughout the entire rental period (i.e. it will not be used to pay rent).

Accommodation in student housing is assigned according to availability. Approximately one week before the standardized rental period starts (i.e. at the end of August / February), you will receive the address of your accommodation via e-mail.


Unfortunately, we have more applicants for accommodation in a student residence than there are rooms / apartments available. If you have handed in an application form and no accommodation in a student residence can be reserved for you, you will receive an e-mail cancelation notice from the International Office.

Looking for private accommodation

If no accommodation in a student residence could be reserved for your – through the contingency for guest students – you will need to find a room on your own.

A privately rented room costs approx. EUR 300,00 to EUR 500,00.

One option is to search for an apartment on the rental market. Rental offerings can be found on the Internet or in the various real estate sections of Frankfurt’s newspapers, e.g. “Frankfurter Rundschau” (on Wednesdays or on Saturdays) or “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

On the website of Student Services (Studentenwerk Frankfurt) you can find a link to private room offers for students as well as a list of dormitories administered by other organizations. Please direct your application directly to the respective dormitory. Room offers are posted on the bulletin board at the ServiceCenter of Student Services located in the Hörsaalzentrum (Auditorium Center) at Campus Westend.