Winter semester 2022/2023

Beginning of semester: 01 October 2022
Beginning of lectures: 17 October 2022
Break: 24 December 2022 – 06 January 2023
End of lectures: 10 February 2023
End of semester: 31 March 2022

Summer semester 2023

Beginning of semester: 01 April 2023
Beginning of lectures: 11 April 2023
End of lectures: 14 July 2023
End of semester: 30 September 2023

German intensive language courses (DIA) – for exchange students only.

The German intensive language courses presumably takes place:

From Monday, 05 September 2022 * until Friday, 30 September 2022*

*Preliminary dates; may be subject to change.

If you have signed up for the DIA-course on the application form for exchange students, further information about the course will be provided via e-mail in due time.

Prospective exchange students:

Nomination/ Application:

  • Deadline for student nominations by the sending university/ (scholarship organization): 15 May (nomination for winter term)/ 15 November (nomination for summer term)

Partner universities/ (scholarship organizations) need to provide an e-mail with the following information of the nominated student(s):

(1) name, (2) e-mail address, (3) planned field of study at Goethe University (direct/ departmental exchange)/ subject area of ERASMUS cooperation, (4) and planed study period (winter term, summer term or winter and summer term).
(Departmental exchange/ ERASMUS: Please send the nomination carbon copy to the responsible officer at the respective faculty also.)

  • The link to the online exchange student application form will be sent directly to students nominated (starting approx. in the mid-April (for winter term)/ beginning of November (for summer term). If students nominated have not received the link by mid-May (for winter term)/ mid-November (for summer term), it is the student's responsibility to contact us (incoming(at), in order to inquire why the link was not received. Students who do not apply for admission before deadline will not be admitted.

Students need to:

  1. Fill in and submit online (=click on "send" at the bottom of the screen) the application form for exchange students.

  2. Sign up for our online platform. The respective link will be sent automatically from a "noreply-address" after students have submitted the online form. (Students should check their spam folder, if the e-mail does not appear in their inbox. Also, students should add the address: incoming(at) to their safe senders list.)

  3. Log into their personal account in order to complete personal details (=home address) in their application work-flow.

  4. Upload application photo.

  5. Print application.

  6. Sign application and collect signature of coordinator at home institution. (Freemover applicants also need the signature of the academic supervisor at Goethe University Frankfurt.)

  7. Upload signed application in the work-flow of their personal account. Deadline: 15 June (application for winter term)/ 15 December (application for summer term).

Explanatory notes: Student work-flow online platform

-Right-hand side: Steps students need to complete (click on direct access link).

-Left-hand side: Steps students or administrator Global Office have already completed - check mark in green box.

-Left-hand side: Steps students or administrator Global Office have not yet completed - empty red box.

  • The application for accommodation in student housing will be made available in the work-flow (starting approx. mid-May for winter term/mid-November for summer term), if the student has already completed steps 1-5 of the application work-flow (see above).

After their application has been processed, students will receive an admissions letter (=Zulassungsbescheid) from the Global Office (approx. August (for winter term/ February (for summer term); it is sent to the home address of the student, as given under personal details in the application work-flow (step (3)).