Welcome to Frankfurt!

Arrival in Frankfurt

If you arrive by plane, you can either take a taxi (EUR 30,00 – EUR 40,00) or you can take the S‑Bahn (suburban train). Signposts indicate the way from the arrival hall to the airport station (“Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Regionalbahnhof”). Do not forget to buy a ticket at a ticket machine before getting into the S‑Bahn.

You will need approx. EUR 4,00 which you can get in one of the banks at the airport. Lines S8 direction: Offenbach (Main) Ost or S9 direction: Hanau Hauptbahnhof will take you to the central station (Hauptbahnhof) of Frankfurt.

The way from the central station to the different locations of the university:

Campus Bockenheim:
To go to the university Campus Bockenheim from the central station, take the underground/subway line U4 direction “Bockenheimer Warte“, where you get off. The student housing administration of Goethe University is located there.

Campus Westend:
The Campus Westend is located at the Bus station “Uni Campus Westend”. To get there from the Campus Bockenheim at “Bockenheimer Warte” take bus lines no. 36 direction Hainer Weg or no. 75 (Campus bus). To go to the Campus Westend from the central station, you take the S‑Bahn lines 1-9 to “Hauptwache”, where you take the underground lines U1, 2, 3 or 8 directions Ginnheim, Gonzenheim, Oberursel/ Hohemark or Riedberg to “Holzhausenstrasse”. It's a five-minute-walk from there. 

Campus Riedberg:
To go to the Campus Riedberg from the central station, you take the S‑Bahn lines 1-9 to “Hauptwache”, where you take the underground line U8 direction Riedberg to “Uni Campus Riedberg”.

Campus Niederrad:
From the central station take the tram no. 12 (station: “Hbf/Münchener Straße”) or 21 directions Schwanheim or Stadion to “Universitätsklinikum”.

On the day of arrival you should first sign your rental contract at the student housing administration and then move into the student residence. Please note that you cannot move into the student residence on weekends or holidays. Moving in is only possible Monday through Friday.

Campus    Stop
Bockenheim         Bockenheimer Warte
Westend         Uni-Campus Westend
Riedberg         Uni-Campus Riedberg
Niederrad         Universitätsklinikum