Information for international applicants

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You are from abroad and interested in studying at Goethe University Frankfurt? Then you’ve come to the right place!
On this page, you will find all the information you need as an international applicant to Goethe University: from entry requirements to the range of studies offered and the application process, through to helping you organise your life in Frankfurt.

Please read the information made available here carefully before you turn to the Application Advisory Service with your questions – that way, we can offer you more focused assistance. The Team of "Global Affairs, Study and Teaching" of Goethe University will be happy to advise you!

Current issues and events, deadlines and dates

Application advisory services

Before you apply

Application process

Once you have applied

Important information

Goethe University welcomes international students, doctoral candidates and scientists to its community and is promoting a good framework for studying and research. Therefore Goethe University is signatory to different local and nation wide initiatives, that promote a strongly welcoming atmosphere and cosmopolitan, open-minded universities.

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