Dr. Iris Wurm

1999 - 2004
Academic Studies in Political Science, Law and Sociology at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mayence and Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

Internship in the European Parliament, Brüssel/Straßburg

2002 - 2003
Student Assistant at the Institute for Comparative Political Science and International Relations

2002 - 2005
Student Assistant at Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF)


2005 - 2006
Lecturer at the Faculty of Social Science at Goethe-University

2006 - 2008
Fellow of FAZIT-Foundation

Research Fellow at PRIF

Fellow at Erich-Becker-Foundation of the Fraport AG

Graduation to Dr. phil.

since 2011
Research Fellow of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wolf at the Institute for Political Science at Goethe-University Frankfurt on Main.

2011 - 2014
Fellow in the project „Ein Mächtekonzert für das 21. Jahrhundert“ ("A concert of powers for the 21st century"). Project supported by the "Europe and Global Challenges" initiative of the Volkswagen Foundation, Compagnia di San Paolo and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

2013 - 2015
Researcher in the DFG project Was frustriert die Gewinner - Entstehungsbedingungen dissidenter Großmachtpolitik" ("What frustrates the winners - the conditions under which dissident power politics can emerge").

Inclusion in the funding programme of the five Hessian universities for highly qualified female scientists on their way to professorship

2016 - 2017
Research Assistant at the Chair of International Institutions and Peace Processes at the Institute for Political Science of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Juni 2017 - Januar 2018
Parental leave