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May 31 2024

Rome, Brussels, Frankfurt: Goethe University’s Economics and Business Faculty introduces international Bachelor's degree at three universities 

Living and learning in three countries 

Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Rome-based Luiss University and Goethe University Frankfurt already operate a joint Master's degree program. In the upcoming 2024/25 winter semester, the three partners will launch a joint European Triple Bachelor in Economics and Business (EUTribe). The application process for Goethe University's first Triple Bachelor will get underway then. 

FRANKFURT. A new Bachelor's degree program offered by Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Luiss University and Goethe University Frankfurt's Economics and Business Faculty will allow participants to not only study at three locations, but also obtain a degree from the three participating institutions. This first Bachelor program with three degrees will be available at Goethe University for the first time starting in the upcoming 2024/25 winter semester. 

Spanning three years, participants in the European Triple Bachelor in Economics and Business (EUTribe) will spend one year each in Frankfurt, Brussels and Rome and familiarize themselves with different university cultures, teaching and learning methods in their three host European countries. For the initial start, 10 students will join per location. 

Anyone interested in the Triple Study Program must first apply to study economics at Goethe University Frankfurt in the 2024/25 winter semester. Once enrolled, first-semester students have until February 1, 2025, to apply to the faculty to continue their studies as a Triple Bachelor. 

In addition to very good academic grades, B2 level English language skills are required for admission to the international business degree program. All relevant courses are available in English in Brussels and Rome, and there exist offer excellent opportunities to learn Italian or French. The program is supported by ERASMUS+ scholarships. 

The close collaboration between the three universities dates back to the 2012 establishment of the joint QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics & Management Masters Network) program, as part of which they offer student exchanges within the framework of a quantitatively oriented Master's program – not only with each other, but as part of a global network spanning 20 other universities. The initiative to offer international training at Bachelor's level emerged in response to QTEM's success. 

“EUTribe is a unique educational experience for students interested in economics: They study in a culturally diverse environment, live and learn in three countries, get to experience different institutional frameworks and are educated at three first-class European universities," says Luiss University Rector Andrea Prencipe. 

“Our international students not only have direct access to the respective labor markets in Italy, Belgium and Germany. Successful completion of the program also opens up great opportunities for them in other fields of work," adds Christian Schlag, Dean of Goethe University Frankfurt's Faculty of Economics and Business. 

“We plan to make the specializations of each individual institution accessible to the participants in the exchange, allowing them to tailor to their own interests," adds Bruno Van Pottelsberghe, Dean of Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management. 

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