Student Refugee Advisory Service

The Student Refugee Advisory Service is as a general contact and referral point for already enrolled students with a refugee background at Goethe University. The goal of the Student Refugee Advisory Service is to support this target group in all matters related to studying at Goethe University and to refer them to other relevant university services.

Our support services

  • Regular personal counseling service as well as reachability via e-mail
  • Information and individual counseling on opportunities of financing your studies (especially BAföG, scholarships, part-time jobs and emergency financing aid) as well as support in the application process 
  • Support with the general organization of the study process (e.g. preparation of schedules, hardship applications)
  • Referrals and information to relevant internal university counseling, qualification and support services

Contact and office hours for enrolled students with a refugee background

Christopher Dick

Appointments only after registration via Terminland

Wednesdays, 2 – 4 pm
In person, via video chat or phone

Scholarships for students with a refugee background

In principle you can already apply for a scholarship, even if you have not yet received a confirmation of your studies of preference. In the case of an acceptance to your preffered study programme, the scholarship will not be paid out until you can prove that you have started your studies. The application process can take up to 6 months. You should write your application letter yourself – even if your German is not yet perfect. Small mistakes are not an issue, but in the further application process it is important that the scholarship provider gets to know your own thoughts and values.

Many scholarships are awarded by political party-affiliated foundations (e.g. Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, or similar). In case you would like to apply for a scholarship of a political foundation, you should be familiar with the values and political party represented by this foundation and be clear about whether they correspond with your personal values. Beyond academic achievements social commitment (e.g. volunteer work, etc.) is usually also an important selection criteria. More detailed information on application requirements and funding opportunities are available on the relevant websites of the scholarship providers.

In addition to the regular scholarship Programmes for German and international students, there are also scholarships that explicitly target students with a refugee background. These include the Deutschlandstipendium, which is awarded directly at Goethe University. There is also the HessenFonds scholarship and the Hilde Domin Programme, for which the Student Refugee Advisory Service nominates applicants.

  • Within the framework of the "HessenFonds", the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (HMWK) awards scholarships for particularly talented and high-performing students, doctoral candidates and scientists with a refugee background at state universities in Hesse. The funding is intended for the continuation of studies or an academic career at a state university in Hesse and comprises 300 euros/ month for students, 1,200 euros/ month for doctoral students and 2,300 euros/ month for scientist. The initial duration is one year in each case.

    Requirements for funding

    • Eligible for asylum or status as a recognized refugee
    • Applicants should not have been registered in Germany for more than four years at the time of the start of funding, i.e. the asylum application has been submitted and the continuous stay in Germany has not exceeded five years.
    • Enrolment at a state university in Hesse, or acceptance as a doctoral student/ teacher/ researcher.
    • Outstanding achievements

    Application for nomination by Goethe University is possible until 07 February or 07 August of the current year. All required documents must be submitted by e-mail to Studen Refugee Advisory Service. 

    The current call for nominations can be found on the HMWK website

    The documents to be submitted can be found in these application forms:
    Aplications form for refugee students
    Aplications form for regugee PhD candidates
    Application form for refugee researchers

    Aplications form for PhD candidates at risk
    Application form for researchers at risk

    For the application you need an academic report by a teacher of Goethe-University:

    Form: Academic report by a teacher (pdf)

    Contact point at Goethe University: Student Refugee Advisory Service; e-mail:

  • The DAAD's "Hilde Domin Programme" supports students and doctoral candidates worldwide who are formally or de facto denied the right to education in their country of origin to begin or continue their studies in Germany.

    The scholarship benefits include 934€/ month for students and 1,200€/ month for doctoral students, health, nursing, accident and personal liability insurance and other additional benefits. Participation in a German language course prior to the studies can also be funded.


    • Valid university admission in Germany and/ or already studied or completed a doctorate in another country.
    • No enrolment in the fields of fine arts, performing arts, design, visual communication, music, film and architecture as well as human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine
    • Threat to safety in the country of origin is verifiable and/ or credible
    • Last (high) school graduation shall usually be no longer than 2 years ago

    Applicants must first be nominated by the university. Your application must be sent in to the Student Refugee Advisory Service at least two weeks before the nomination deadline of the DAAD. The application deadline for applicants at Goethe University is therefore 01 September or 01 March each year. 

    For the application you need an academic report by a teacher of Goethe-University:

    Form: Academic report by a teacher (pdf)

    For assistance with your application, please contact us well before the end of the application deadline.

    Further information can be found in the current program announcement or on the website of the DAAD.

    Contact point at Goethe University: Student Refugee Advisory Service, E-mail:

  • The Deutschlandstipendium is aimed at all students at Goethe University and, in addition to financial support of 300 euros/ month, also offers a non-material support programme. Prerequisites for a scholarship are very good academic performances as well as social commitment. In addition, biographical difficulties (e.g. refugee experience) are given special consideration in the selection process.

    Contact person at Goethe University:
    Sybille Blöcker; e-mail:


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Student Refugee Advisory Service 

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Christopher Dick

Office hours for enrolled students with a refugee background

Appointments only after registration via Terminland

Wednesdays, 2 – 4 pm

In person, via video chat or phone

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